A Glimpse Inside Masterclass #1

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The first YES Masterclass (May 8th-14th, 2023) in Tours, France, has concluded, marking a journey into contemporary sculpture amidst the preserved Loire riverbanks, the last “wild” river of Europe. Underpinned by the philosophies of Bruno Latour and Gaston Bachelard, this masterclass featured four workshops, each devoted to an elemental concept – air, earth, water, and fire, led by professors from TALM-Tours Sculpture Department. During this unique and ecological experience at La Rabouilleuse, École de Loire, the 38 students – a group from each partner institution – delved into theoretical perspectives, technical methodologies, and learning approaches related to contemporary sculpture and on-site creation that is mindful of the environment.

As we reflect on this enriching masterclass, we invite you to watch the video, offering a glimpse into their exploration of contemporary sculpture.

Join us in celebrating their artistic journey and the synergy of contemporary sculpture within the Loire landscape.